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Paul now lives in Austin Texas, he moved to Austin in August of 2000 and is enjoying the Austin scene. Fans after a short time away from the guitar, we are happy to report that Paul is rocking again. He is now the Lead guitar for the Shoreline Church Band, and has been the cause of much excitement out there. He has been recieved with much enthusiasm as he wows the congregation with his technique and sense of phrasing that captures the listener weather it be a scorching rocking tune or mellow slow ballard. Previously he was the lead guitar for Grace Christian Center in Killeen also in Texas, however after a five year stint it was time to bid goodbye. He promises to get back to the shredding and become twice as dangerous on the six string AXE as he ever was... For those of us who know what what he was capable of...Be afraid, be very afraid.

And now a note from Paul:

Hi all... I am fine and well living in Austin, and its good to be back on the guitar again. I have been getting back into a practicing regiment that will hopefully make my playing even scarier than before. To all the fans out there, I should have this cd done soon, so till then keep the faith and keep rockin and lovin...Swan [ZAN] MEOW!

Look for Paul's album to be released soon, You will find excerps in the sound file dialog. The album is much awaited and is also in Paul's words "Its a very Eclectic album, but it has something for every listener. It has ballards blues instrumentals and even a Mozart inspired symphony... You will be quite suprised... And oh it has shredding "wink". We have all been anticipating this cd so keep in touch and we will keep you updated about its impending release date.

[ This lonely place is waiting the war...To end all wars ]

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