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Wireless[ Paul uses the Audio Technica 1400 series wireless system... It works.]
Chameleon[ Paul uses the Rocktron Cameleon exclusively in the studio The sounds are rich and the cab simulator is flawless.]
Tuner[ The Korg DTR2 Tunner is always in his rack and he wont leave home without it. The calibrating and mute functions are wonderful]
Soldano[ The Soldano is one killer head. The preamp section has 7 axl tubes driving it and the power has 6 6l6 tubes driving it. It goes up to 11]
midiverb[ TThe Alesis Midi verb is a very well designed piece of hardware, it has great sounds for that spacial thing.]
Lexicon mpx100[ Lexicon Always makes great stuff. I like this unit because it does not alter my sound, it gives just enough to enhance but not color the sound.]
Joe Pass[ This is one piece of hardware every musician should have!]
ADAmp1[ Ahh tone for days wih my ADA's. Paul has 2 ADA MP1's and 1 ADA MP2 he wont get rid of any, the MP2 is a constant in his live rig]
Pics[ The MC1... Ada's foot controller.]
Pod[ The Line 6 Pod... Great unit, uses it sometimes live and in the studio.]
Bad Horsey[ One Bad Horse!!! Man this Wah kicks...completely silent when not in use, but screams bad voodo when stepped on.]
AB Switching[ ABY Switch box for the complex setups that Paul uses live.]
BBE[BBE makes the best sonic processors ever. Got to have it]
BBE[The alesis 3630 compressor limiter nice piece of hardware]
Cabs[ My 4X12 cabs Sheffields all the way.]

[ See Paul's Live Setup. ]

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