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Paul was born on the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies. He started playing guitar at the age of nine. He recalls how he would sit and watch his Uncle play, wait till he left then try to do the same things. One day he got caught and that's when his lessons began. He was not allowed to touch the guitar until he learned how, so he found a guy from the neighborhood who started teaching him. From early on Paul showed an ability to learn and learn quickly. He soon exhausted the lessons that he was taking and needing more. That's when his uncle took notice that he was serious and good, that's when an intense ear training regiment started. Back then we did not have the luxury of chords books for the music we listened to, and if they were available, down in the Caribbean we didn't know of them. Thus you lived or died by how well and accurately you could reproduce what you heard on the records. His uncle would not accept anything less that total and tonal accuracy. So from Led Zeplin to Peter Frampton and all in between Paul had to learn and right down himself. His ear was so well trained that he could decipher and play two guitar parts and play both parts at once. This ability made others stop and take notice. Paul moved to the US Virgin Islands for high school and again his prowess was steadily being noticed. He soon became the guitar player of choice at his church and youth groups. At school he was asked repeatedly to audition for the Jazz band. To get folks off his back he reluctantly auditioned. That afternoon there were about seven guitar players auditioning but after Paul played everyone knew who was going to selected. He not only was selected but was made the lead guitar and was given all solo spots. Every Concert became a showcase of his talents, the fan list was getting longer. His first groupies were groupies in numbers. Paul graduated and left the Virgin Islands for the challenges of Minnesota. It was there that he made a discovery, he realized that he was a small fish in big pond. There were equally and some better musicians than he was, and he took it seriously. The idea of not being the best did not sit well with him, and so a menu of Eddie Van Halen, Gary More, Uli Roth and Ritchie Blackmore was his mainstay for weeks. Learning everything he could get his hands on. However his music theory was taking a back seat to his ear so he decided to enroll in music theory classes. His second year there he found fellow guitarist Mark Roebke they jammed together one night in the Dorms and the next day started Devine Rite. Lots of hooks, trippy licks and driving rock made Devine Rite a great show band. However Paul was not happy and he knew there was more. That's when he heard Yngwie Malmsteen. The Alcatrazz Album was a definitive Ah Ah moment. Here was someone doing what he was hearing in his head. Yngwie was doing it. He started dissecting every solo, vibrato, double stops, the whole enchilada. Just when he thought he had conquered Yngwie, Rising force was released. Paul recalls being mad as hell. Because Yngwie had apparently taken a light year leap forward and that meant only one thing… A total rededication to the instrument was in order. Fired the girlfriend stopped going out to clubs and concentrated on four hours a day of guitar. "I remember playing till my fingers would swell up and hurt. I would dip them in cold water then go right back to playing till I couldn't feel pain anymore." Just when he thought he had it all together…enter Tony MacAlpine. This was too much, he had just conquered the technique of Malmsteen, he now had to contend with the fluid melody lines of Tony MacAlpine. Paul Then joined the Band Alice and got the Minnesota crowed to shaddup and take notice. Everyone said head west young man, but Paul was very reluctant to move to LA. Every one was heading there and he just did not care for the LA scene. Paul took top honors at the guitar Shootout Contest in Minnesota and was instantly sought out for guitar lessons. Paul then moved to Texas Where would again blaze a trail of frantic guitar work that would win him three more guitar wars contests and the nick names the guitarist from hell and Mister Monster. Paul went on to play for Ron Kenoly (Hosanna Integrity Fame) Has done extensive studio work and most recently has played with Hillsong, and has guest appeared on some featured artist cd's.

We hope you enjoyed your visit and also will become a fan of the guy many call... "Mister Monster".

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