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Welcome to the Official Paul (Swan) Victor Web Site. Swan has been a major influence to many guitar players from Young Guns to older players. His exceptional playing style and impecable technique has made him a favourite of many musicians:

The Winner of four national "Guitar Wars" contests, and master clinician Paul has laid down a barrage of solos that shocks the ears, terrifies the mind and sends the natives running to the hills. his finger cross over technique has to be seen to believe. His index finger flies over and across his pinky to play the next successive noteand his middle finger wraps over his ring finger to hit the next chromatic note...sheeez you have to see it. Here is what some other players have to say about him... "Swan kix arse, he has the most killer chops i've ever seen, I would kill for his chops, he makes me sick" -- Al Patrelli (Alice cooper ) "Man you've got some Monster chops...You should be doing this clinic" -- Andy Timmonds (Danger Danger) "Sweet touch on that guitar" -- Ron Kenoley ( Hosahna Integrety Music )

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We hope you enjoyed your visit and also will become a fan of the guy many call... "Mister Monster".

[ This lonely place is waiting the war...To end all wars ]

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