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Pfeil rechts Swan's Guitars
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UV7P[ The Amazing Steve Vai design 7 string Paul uses it often, He likes the Blaze Pickups..Lots of Bottom End]
AE1[ The Carvin Stereo Acoustic/Electric sweet sounding axe nice action]
Jackson Soloist[ The Jackson is a great sounding guitar. Its the only one that gives me that slinky Strat Tone.]
RGZ621[ The RGZ621 Man this axe can wail!!! Flawless!! My goto Axe in times of trouble.I have changed nothing on this Works!!!]
HM STRAT[ My HM Strat...This guitar is dear to me. From the moment I played first I knew I had to have it. It always performs. I now have a trembecker installed in it...the verdict is still out on the that pickup]
Joe Pass[ The Joe Pass Emperor... What can I say about this guitar....Tone for days!]
Acoustic[ The Fender dg16lh Accoustic wonderfull full sounding guitar... I added an internal pickup]
Pics[ I use Dunlop pics Heavy most of the time.]
Strings[ I use Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings... 10's D-E on the low end, and 11's E-G high strings]

We hope you enjoyed your visit and also will become a fan of the guy many call... "Mister Monster".

[ This lonely place is waiting the war...To end all wars ]